Tereza Hubkova, M.D.

Healing the world, one person at a time.

Hi... I’m Dr. Tereza Hubkova. Thank you for visiting my website. I firmly believe that the root cause of many illnesses is due to lack of harmony in our lives as well as the resulting imbalances: too much food – too few nutrients, too much stress – too little calm, too much doing – too little sleep, too much time spent indoors – too little time spent in nature, too much screen-time – too few friendships. Within my practice, I help people find balance and harmony—both on the macroscopic level (with their environment, relationships, circadian rhythms) and the microscopic level (with their microbiome, balanced nutrition, hormones, immune system). I marry cutting-edge techniques with commonsense and ancient wisdom. Pharmaceuticals should be used carefully and sparingly, often only as a temporary measure until balance can be restored. We don’t exist in a vacuum; each one of us is intricately and intimately connected to a host of other organisms—around us and inside us. Only by recognizing and respecting this interconnectedness can we thrive.

Tereza Hubkova, M.D.

Dr. Hubkova has varied professional interests, from digestive wellness’s impact on overall health, anti-aging and longevity, and optimal brain health and function, to a deep interest in exploring our spiritual needs as an integral part of healing and wellness. After ten years practicing internal medicine within both hospital and primary-care settings, Dr. Hubkova now practices as an integrative physician and frequent lecturer at the world-renowned Integrative Health Center of Canyon Ranch in Lenox, MA. During her diverse career, Dr. Hubkova has had the honor of caring, with equal compassion and emphasis, for inner city patients within a community health center as well as high-profile guests at Canyon Ranch. Dr. Hubkova practices holistically, maintains an open mind, and studies mountains of research. She believes in prevention and early intervention, but often deals with the most complex of medical issues, ones others could not solve.

• Doctorate of Medicine, Charles University

• Board Certified in Internal Medicine

• Board Certified in Integrative and Holistic Medicine

• Diplomate in Integrative Medicine

• Massachusetts Medical License

• California Medical License

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